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Accomodation Cleaning

At La Zura, we understand the challenges that come with hosting and maintaining any accomodation facility from short stay holiday rentals and Airbnb's to multi-hosting retreat style facilities. Each type off accomodation has it's unique challenges but we believe by having clear communication with our clients we are able to overcome many of these challenges, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the true benefits of your beautiful property.


Why choose a professional cleaning service?  

Flexible Timelines

When booking an Airbnb, guests expect to arrive to a sparkling property for their stay. However, with the frequent turn-over of guests it is a challenge with a short turnaround time for housekeeping. By using a cleaning service for your Airbnb, you can guarantee your property will never miss a clean and there will always be someone available, even for those late notice bookings and back-to-back changeouts. 

Our Standards are High

As part of our professional holiday rental services, we offer hotel-level housekeeping and cleaning, to ensure every guest has a comfortable stay. This extra level of service will help you earn more 5-star reviews for your property,  resulting in higher future bookings.

Specialised Chemicals & Equipment

Our cleaning technicians come equipped with a range of specialised chemicals and equipment to achieve to the best result.

This includes high powered battery operated vacuums, I-mop scrubbers and enzyme based chemicals. All of which are guaranteed to provide a safer and healthier environment.

All staff at La Zura also have WWCC and Police Checks to ensure you receive the upmost protection for your property and guests.   

All of our staff are proficient and hardworking and are committed to look after the property as if it was our own. We go above and beyond to provide 100% satisfaction to all our clients.

Spa treatment room


The cleaning fee is paid by guests as part of their booking, and can be adjusted to cover your costs. As each property is unique, our quote is tailored to suit your different needs and requirements. 

Additional services such maintaining and restocking consumables, laundry mat services, professional photography of the property, window cleaning and carpet cleaning can also be requested at an addition cost.   

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