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Industrial Clean

Every workplace manages a lot of the same problems and one of which is keeping your surroundings clean. As we all know a clean workplace encourages everyone who operates within it to perform at their best level. 

At La Zura we have a team of trustworthy, reliable, skillful, and licensed cleaning technicians to provide you with the highest quality cleaning services in the Blue Mountains. We understand each warehouse is unique and offer a flexible and results-driven cleaning services to suit your needs. 

We offer routine cleaning on a day/days of your choice, as well as the once off deep clean to bring your premises back to standard. We believe in order to maintain you facility to the highest standard a clean should be done at least once every week. 

Empty Factory

Why choose a professional cleaning service?  

At La Zura we have a team of professional and experienced cleaning technicians who will work with you to ensure your requirements are met and your factory/wearhouse is left sparkling after each clean.  

There a number of reasons to consider contracting your cleaning out to a professional cleaning company, these include:


Because of the pandemic, the cleaning makes a bigger part in our lives. We follow all norms and regulations pf COVID 19 pandemic from the government & provide you with the best quality cleaning technicians in the Blue Mountains.

Reduced Risk

Alleviate additional accident risks and injuries in your workplace by entrusting your commercial cleaning to a professional company. Although some tasks may seem small or simple, accidents can happen, especially when staff are not accustomed to the best cleaning practices.

The staff you’ve hired are an asset to your business – look after them by assigning them work that resides within their skill set.

Specialised Chemicals & Equipment

Our cleaning technicians come equipped with a range of specialised chemicals and equipment that allows them to achieve a better result than the standard, readily available equipment.

This includes high powered battery operated vacuums, I-mop scrubbers and enzyme based chemicals. All of which are guaranteed to provide a better outcome than equipment available at your local hardware store or department store.

WWCC and Police Checks

All staff at La Zura have WWCC and Police Checks to ensure you receive the upmost protection for your staff, customers and your property.   

Industrial Building
Warehouse Robot
Factory Floor with Two Workers
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